Software Development Services

Our Application Delivery Process

The rationalization, designing, building, and supporting of line-of-business applications is our core competency. We provide on-demand .NET and JavaScript development services for small, mid, and enterprise clients. We work as an alternative to or supplemental of an internal development team to offer the best way to get high quality custom business software faster at a competitive return on investment. Our processes extend from developing applications to managing the support of the application once deployed.

Our Application Services

Where to Start

As enterprise level consultants we are ready to come aboard and help you regardless of where you are at in your development life cycle. Our team is professional local talent and we do not offshore. The following lists our core application services:

  •   Analysis of new application initiatives
  •   End-to-end application development
  •   Extending existing applications
  •   Supporting deployed applications
  •   Audit/Review of applications

Types of Web Applications

Internet Applications

Any web based application accessible from the internet would fit in this category. Selling products/services, electronic forms, customer portals, and business data reporting are just a few of the popular use cases for businesses wanting an internet application. If you are looking to build a website please refer to our website design services.

Intranet Applications

These applications would be web based applications that run on your network, have access to your network resources (e.g., databases, file shares, servers, etc.), and can be restricted to only being accessible individuals on your network (i.e., allowing public access via the internet to the application is optional). Line-of-business applications are the typical use case. Your existing network credentials (e.g., Active Directory, Office365, etc.) can be used for authentication.

Mobile Applications.

Simply put, applications that run on mobile devices. There are native and mobile web applications under this category. We create mobile web applications which can run across the various mobile browsers and appear to look like native applications. Native applications are built to only run on the targeted mobile device operating system (e.g., iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone applications). We currently build native applications using tools, such as, Apache Cordova.