Know Your Data

Data Analytics Services

We provide solutions to analyze and show the data you need to make decisions. Our team is proficient in the popular reporting platforms SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI. Additionally, we are capable of showing your data in the format that makes sense for your business: from an Excel Spreadsheet to real-time updates on your mobile device.

Data By Design

Service Offerings


Our offerings range in providing the ability to retrive, view, and filter data. For those who need simple solutions we can export existing data into spreadsheets for your power users to filter as needed. For more complex scenarios and enterprises, our team is proficient in SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI. We also build solutions tailored to businesses: dashboards, real-time updates, mobile device reporting, automated emails, etc.

Data Integration

In most cases, business data is stored in silos across disparate systems. The ability to combine data from various sources and expose the data in consumable format is not a trivial task. Our team offers end-to-end capabilities for extracting, tranforming, and loading cross system data. In addition to centralizing data, we implement service oriented architectures using modern service bus and HTTP API solutions to enable your organization to easily publish and consume information.


Understanding what data means and finding answers within the data is not always straight forward or something a business has resources for. This gets even harder when the questions are complex, the data is immense, and the information is not homogeneous. We understand the current tools and scripting languanges that allow us to analyze and search big data to provide detailed analytics that enable your business to make intelligent decisions.