Result driven development with a focus on quality.

About Async7

Async7 is an enterprise solutions consulting firm specializing in building powerful, custom, line of business applications that achieve results for our clients. In short, we build applications that solve complex problems.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, our core focus is in the Energy sector, but we have worked with clients in a vast array of industries including education, medical, real estate, manufacturing, and legal. Irrespective of the industry, our solutions are created through a combination of professionalism, innovative thought, and a deep knowledge of technology. This blend allows us to work collaboratively with each client and build solutions that reduce cost, increase profit, and boost productivity.

At Async7, we work with each client to understand their business, environment and constraints. Armed with this knowledge, we parse through the increasingly complex landscape of methodologies, technologies and tools to build a high quality customer solution that drives results.

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What's with the name?

noun   (ā-ˈsin-k-ˈse-vən)

The first part of the name is an abbreviated synonym for the word “asynchronous”. In terms of computer programming, the term “asynchronous” is used to describe an action that is perform independent of the main program, allowing the program to continue subsequent processes without being blocked by that action. Essentially, properly programming with “async” techniques optimizes the use of resources and improves performance.

The number “7” has significance throughout culture, history and science. It is a prime number, it is used commonly in many world religions, it is thought of as lucky, and it has the highest probability of being rolled when playing dice games.

For us, the name Async7 refers to efficiently completing significant tasks with high quality.